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“Triät Challenge“– with Attila Hildmann

The 2015 Health Media Awards, held at Beethoven’s Kammermusiksaal in Bonn, were awarded the main trends in health communication. For the “National Campaign” category, the coveted Health:Angel award was won by the “Triät Challenge”. The jury praised the challenge’s commitment to motivating people nationwide to embark on a healthier life path.

The challenge was met by tens of thousands of participants, who flocked to the nationwide Member Reformhaus® (natural and dietary products stores). In the span of at least six weeks, challengers would have to eat foods richer in vitamins, exercise moderately and reduce stressors in everyday life. In this way the level of antioxidants, body defenses, is increased, allowing to reduce risks to well-being and early aging processes.
The aim of this campaign was to motivate people to acquire a healthy and long-lasting lifestyle, thanks to the positive experience linked to this challenge.

The prize was jointly withdrawn by the challenge promoters. Celebrity vegan chef Attila Hildmann, a spokesperson for the initiative that played a key part in the influence of the challenge at the national level, was also awarded by Rainer Plum, a member of the “Reformhaus” committee, whose organic stores nationally provide not only the ideal location but also the necessary advice for the challenge. Biozoom® CEO Hardy Hoheisel, whose company developed the measuring device with which each participant was able to check their values for free, was also enthusiastic about the “Health: Angels” award: “I am very pleased with the recognition of the committee and I see it as an incentive to extend this excellent idea with my partners”.

The biozoom® measurement device is the world’s first medically validated “Health Tracker”. The scanner determines the level of antioxidants in the body in seconds using an optical procedure. As a result, it recognizes whether you are taking enough nutrients through the diet, to be adequately prepared against diseases and early aging processes.