Why are antioxidants so important?

The 3 pillars of healthy lifestyle

In order to strengthen the body’s defenses, it is advisable to always maintain a sufficiently high level of antioxidants. An increase can be achieved primarily through a healthy diet, moderate physical activity and a reduction in stress.

Through a conscious diet rich in vitamins, you make sure your body is always stocked with enough antioxidants. These are mainly found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Regular and moderate physical activity also helps the body cope with stress. In turn, reducing stress ensures that fewer free radicals are produced. It is also advisable to try to avoid unhealthy habits, not to expose yourself too long to UV radiation and to always try to get enough sleep.

Antioxidants protect you against free radicals

One of the main causes of health damage and early aging processes is oxidative stress. This occurs when too many free radicals are formed in the body. Stress factors, unhealthy lifestyle (such as smoking, alcohol consumption) and environmental factors (such as UV radiation, exhaust fumes) favor this process.
To avoid oxidative stress and strengthen defenses, it is necessary to provide the body with a enough dose of antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and protect against their harmful effects.

The desire to maintain a young skin has always belonged to men. Already in ancient Egypt oils were used to care for the skin and to protect it from dehydration. One cause of skin aging is the influence of solar radiation, which produces free radicals in the skin. Genetic predisposition also plays an important role.
Studies on the interaction of antioxidants and free radicals in the skin are an important basis for the development of strategies for the prevention of skin aging. Studies in the field of skin physiology at the Berlin Charité can be found on this website.

Measuring antioxidants in the skin is of great interest not only in the field of cosmetics and well-being, but also in the clinical field. It is used, among others, in the context of prevention of skin side effects in patients undergoing chemotherapy, as well as in accompanying measures in therapies against psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

Meaning of measurement values

The level of antioxidants determined by the biozoom scanner shows you how much your body can protect itself from diseases and early aging processes. Measurement results come from the level of antioxidants acquired by food (present, for example, in fresh vegetable fruits) and a decrease in antioxidant protective functions, caused by unhealthy environmental factors and lifestyles.

For example, excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, lack of sleep, excessive stress in private and professional life and unprotected exposure to the sun significantly reduce the level of antioxidants. Even a cold that just passed or still in place can negatively affect the measured value.

Result: 1Your antioxidant level is insufficient

Your immune system is severely weakened, as your body does not receive the vitamins and minerals it needs. You should pay more attention to your diet and lifestyle. Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, make more movement and reduce stress, giving your body enough rest periods and avoiding harmful factors such as alcohol and smoking. Your measurement results will therefore improve in a short time.

Result: 2 | Your antioxidant level is very low

Are you often tired and feeling powerless? No wonder, because your immune system is not adequately equipped for the stress of everyday life. You should eat more consciously to provide your body with enough vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to strengthen your defenses. Your well-being will soon increase along with the measurement values.

Result: 3Your antioxidant level is deficient

Your immune system is not strong enough to defend against disease. You should work harder to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Are you often exposed to professional or private stress? Be sure to give yourself enough rest periods, to give your body time to recover. By balancing diet and lifestyle, measurement values will also increase.

Result: 4Your antioxidant level is not enough satisfactory

You should do more to help you defend yourself against disease. In addition to a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, adequate exercise also plays an important role in strengthening the immune system. Try to be physically fit to improve your results. Even small tricks can help, such as walking short routes or using stairs more often.

Result: 5 | Your antioxidant level is almost satisfactory

You should help your body’s protective functions more. Think about what you can do to better balance your diet and lifestyle. Do you eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables? Are you doing enough sports? Do you make the most of rest periods? Try to make changes in your lifestyle, so that you bring your health to the forefront.

Result: 6Your antioxidant level is satisfactory

The balance between your diet and your lifestyle is balanced, but there is room for improvement. Try to work even harder and pay attention to what foods you eat, while also trying to avoid stressors in everyday life as much as possible. In this way, you will get better results and be more protected against diseases and premature aging.

Result: 7Your antioxidant level is almost good

Thanks to your current lifestyle, you make sure your immune system is properly strengthened to fight disease and premature aging. Try to maintain healthy behaviors in everyday life, to optimize the balance between diet and lifestyle. Don’t be discouraged if it takes some time to improve your results. You’re on the right track.

Result: 8 | Your antioxidant level is good

Your diet and lifestyle are well balanced. Continuing with this lifestyle, you can create a solid antioxidant foundation to protect your body from disease and premature aging. Stay true to your current lifestyle and try to improve it more and more, so you can also increase your measurement results and boost your body’s defenses.

Result: 9Your antioxidant level is very good

Your health-conscious lifestyle is paying off. Your diet and lifestyle are in good balance: try to stay on your way. Your immune system is prepared against diseases and premature aging.

Result: 10Your antioxidant level is excellent

Congratulations! You found the optimal balance between diet and lifestyle. With your health-conscious behavior you create the ideal basis to protect your body from diseases and early aging processes. Stay on this road!

Result: 11 |Your antioxidants level is extremely high

Try another measurement, to verify that the measured values are correct. Too high a level of antioxidants can have negative effects on the body, which is why it is recommended to reduce the intake of antioxidant-rich dietary supplements. You must recognize that you have managed to achieve a very high level of antioxidants, which not everyone can achieve. A lowering to the optimal value of 10 should not be difficult for you. It is recommended to check the correct intake of dietary supplements. Keep in mind that the sum of the use of different supplements and a diet rich in antioxidants lead to extremely high levels. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can also focus your efforts on other aspects of health, such as: sports, weight, sleep and relaxation. Make sure your diet is balanced and rich in organic ingredients.

Result: 12Your antioxidant level is extremely high

Try another measurement, to verify that the measured values are correct. A too high level of antioxidants can have negative effects on your body. If you have achieved this even after the second measurement, and you are making use of antioxidant-rich supplements, it is advisable to talk to your doctor about dosage and seek advice from him. Focus not only on the level of antioxidants, but also on other aspects of health, such as sports, weight, sleep and relaxation. Make sure your diet is balanced and rich in organic ingredients.