Negative stress is the main cause of increasing absence from the workplace due to burnout syndrome.

In this process, adrenaline and noradrenaline are released into the body. The body then activates, increasing blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. Mental and physical health are closely linked and influence each other (Prince et al. 2007). In this context, for example, the relationship between depression, burnout and cardiovascular disease (Charlson et al. 2011, Pan et al. 2011) are well known, and also the relationship between these pathologies and metabolic cardio risk factors such as diabetes and obesity (Luppino et al. 2010, Pan et al. 2010).

The “Vitality Check” can detect an overwork from the early stages

Thanks to this diagnosis of early burnout syndrome, your employees will be able to independently control the quality of their diet and lifestyle. The amount of vitamins, visible in the form of ANTIOXIDANT LEVEL, shows how the diet is actually metabolized by the body. With the analysis of the HEART RATE VARIABILITY and the measurement of the PULSE, information is provided on the state of health of the body and the strength of the CARDIOVASCOLAR SYSTEM. From these values you can also determine the person’s BIOLOGICAL AGE:  Herzratenvariabilitaet

  • The employee is therefore aware that the so-called “Pillars of Health”: exercise, nutrition and relaxation, can be better balanced by himself, as people tend to give much more credit to the personal values of their body than to any writing or documentation about it.
  • It creates a positive challenge among colleagues, who will want to improve their values and, consequently, their health.
  • With the biozoom APP, the employee will be able to view the history of their measurements on their smartphone.
  • Plug-ins can be inserted in the context of health at the workplace, or even for other topics, such as notes on corporate sports, lectures, job advertisements, or similar.
  • Financial participation of partners, such as customers or supply companies, is possible. A re-financing with plug-ins is also achievable.

The “Multiple Spatially Resolved Reflection Spectroscopy (MSRRS)” technology used for the “Vitality Check” has been medically validated with a verification study, comparing it with measurement methods recognized from the Charité Hospital in Berlin and the University of Regensburg.

The scope of workplace health management has expanded considerably, thanks to the information technology sector applied to health, which for the first time guarantees a direct and demonstrable impact on workers’ awareness of their health.

Your workplace health commitments will become even more significant with biozoom measurement tools.

Of course, we’re happy to offer you an optimized solution for your business.