It can be used as a complete check of your health status (full “Vitality Check”), or just as a control of your diet by measuring the level of antioxidants.

The “Bio-feedback” portable scanner can be used in conjunction with your smartphone and the biozoom web app. Our “Health Tracker” is the first medically validated end-consumer measurement system.

Our Vitality Check gives you the answers:

The modern lifestyle can affect our health. An unhealthy diet, little exercise, stress, little sleep, smoking or alcohol, all this has consequences on our body. Some consequences are visible on the body, such as obesity, others are not.

Our Vitality Check determines whether there are any problematic changes and provides recommendations on what to do to maintain and improve long-term well-being. Based on personal body data and spectroscopic measurement, our Vitality Check provides a clear view of important physical well-being parameters.

The optical sensor of the biozoom measurement system determines the following biomarkers by skin measurement:


  • Vitamin check (controlling the level of antioxidants)
  • Adaptability of the Heart (Heart Rate Variability)
  • Health (resting beat)
  • Calculation of biological age (heart rate + measurement of Heart Rate Variability)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • From this information you can deduce the stress load

The entered data and questions about lifestyle and general conditions complete the user’s medical history. The measurement is medically validated, completely painless and takes less than two minutes.

Your personal health profile:

As a result of the Vitality Check, your personal profile is shown, with measurement results, personal data and subsequent suggestions. The result is based on the evaluation of these values. Each individual result is briefly classified and explained. Ratings are displayed in green, yellow, and red. The final score is a calculated average of all data.

Improving the individual lifestyle:

The biozoom measurement system is a health monitoring system and a bio-feedback system at the same time. The Vitality Check shows the status quo, detects changes in a timely manner, and provides guidance to introduce countermeasures in time. The aim is to raise awareness of daily measurement and thus encourage a healthy lifestyle.