Oxidative stress is often the cause of diseases and premature aging. The extent to which we can repel it depends on our antioxidant defences system. To detect these values, wasteful and invasive blood tests were needed until now. biozoom reliably measures the level of antioxidants in seconds, without the need for blood samples. Our scanner is medically validated.

The lasting success of any therapy depends on the recognition of connections and the elimination of causes. With biozoom you will not only be able to recognize the causes, but you will also be able to follow the successes of the therapy, as changes to diet, stress reduction and avoiding life lifestyles harmful to health have a direct effect on the results of the Vitality Check .

A scientific study has also shown that regular measurements with the biozoom scanner can sustainably promote the initiative to adopt preventive health behaviors and a healthy lifestyle. (See also: “biozoom – Medical Studies”).

For the clinic and for the trip: the portable spectrometer is easy to carry and is perfect for use in various locations, where you can connect it with a computer that can be connected to the Internet. The biozoom scanner non-invasively identifies biomarkers, which are the key to controlling and improving a healthy lifestyle.

The competitive advantage

  • Attractive and innovative service for your patients
  • Increased services offered to your customers
  • Interesting method of distraction and communication for customers in the waiting room, thanks to the self-explanatory ground device.

Improvement in customer relationships

  • Additional advices

Recommendations based on the measurements

  • Ability to make recommendations on treatments, diet or activities based on measurement values

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