Our conception and experience of communication is changing. Internet plays an increasingly important role and opens new doors in the world of marketing for companies.

Marketing of tomorrow needs to learn to understand changes in customer communication behavior and take advantage of new trends, such as health monitoring.

You can achieve a significant increase in sales thanks to:

  • Communication: acquaintances, relatives, work colleagues and friends will learn about the possibility of making this measurement and the results of their measurements can be shared through the Web-App: this involves free advertising for your business.
  • Acquisition of new customers: most people who will learn about the possibility of doing this measurement will come to your store to try it out!
  • Customer loyalty: new and old customers will want to measure their values regularly at your store, as preventive behavior and safety for their health.
  • Increased sales: Your store offers many products, which help customers live better and, as a result, get better results from their biozoom measurement. The sale of these products will therefore be intensified.
  • Distinctive trait: thanks to this service, your store will stand out from the competitors in a clear and effective way.

Biozoom Web-App: After-sales assistance via the biozoom web-app, that the customer can use on their smartphone, is an important component for communicating with the consumer and his connection with the store. Here the customer is reached in a domestic and non-commercial environment. He will be motivated to compare the results of your Vitality Check, share them or post on social media, improve and then return to your store.

  • Muller knows her needs
  • She provides you with relevant information
  • Giving you the ability to connect your customers with your products
  • No waste of flyers printed and then thrown away: the customer comes directly to the store and will be recommended according to his needs, highlighted by the measurement with our scanner
  • Sales increase (customer buys products after measurement)
  • Customer loyalty (customer wants to check their values regularly and come to your store)
  • Acquiring new customers (your customers bring new customers with them)